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Thanks for everything. Our stay at Hibiscus Haven was amazing! Peachy and family were very helpful and a pleasure to get to know. Lagoon was great for the kids to kayak and snorkel. Ocean was calm enough for them to snorkel to the wall. Spectacular!! Tidal pools were fun to explore. Roatan has much to offer. We definitely plan to return!

Wendy and Tom Wiandt, Jessie and Jake

We cant thank you enough for taking care of us on our recent trip to Roatan. You were an invaluable help right from the get go when you rescued us from the car rental fiasco. Your friendly professional service was the perfect start to our wonderful Roatan experience. The house was everything you said it would be and we loved it. It was one of the best vacations weve ever had. Hiring Blackie, on your recommendation, to cook my birthday dinner was a great idea. The lobster was amazing and the key lime pie should be illegal! Blackie and her daughter were warm and charming and we enjoyed their company immensely. You did a great job for us and we thank you. Its hard to believe it was 5 weeks ago that you met us at the airport. We are coming back next year but were bringing the kids this time. It looks like February this time.

Regards, Dean, Maureen, Jan and John

There is absolutely no better choice for property managers than Fran and Stella. (It's like having a very responsible member of your family look after your property.) Fran and Stella not only handle the rental bookings for you, providing monthly statements via e-mail, they frequently visit your property and inspect it, with preventative maintenance in mind. Owning property on an island is like owning a boat. Small, but potentially disastrous items degrade daily in the hot, tropical salt air. Other property managers fix problems for you, Fran and Stella try to prevent them from ever happening. We bought the first of our three Roatan houses in May 2001. Roatan Property Management gives us the peace of mind to own significant investments from thousands of miles away and the ability to come "home" to Roatan at any time as if we had only been gone for a few days. Fran and Stella are very selective about which properties they add to their portfolio. If they have offered to add your Roatan property to their family of properties, don't miss the opportunity. They are, hands down, the best.

Charlie Lockerby San Francisco, CA

I was very fortunate to have met Fran and Stella, the owners of Roatan Property Management. I live and work in Buffalo, New York and I am lucky if I can get down to the island for one or two weeks, per year. Fran and Stella provide me with peace of mind in that I know they are looking after my property. They have done a wonderful job of finding suitable well screened tenants. I receive a monthly statement without fail, updating our rental/operating account. They not only address but try to stay ahead of any maintenance issues. Given the wonderful ties and contacts they have in the island community, they always retain good help and any renovation, repair or remodeling projects are completed under their supervision and to their satisfaction. Without hesitation I would recommend them as property managers and I am glad they are mine.

Joe Krenitsky Amherst, New York

We knew from the beginning that as absentee homeowners there would be challenges owning a home on Roatan, we just never knew how many challenges. Being do-it-yourself, hands on types of people it can be difficult to suddenly realize that you can't do it all. The situation we found ourselves in was made much easier once we enlisted the help of Fran and Stella at Roatan Property Management. There are so many things to be considered when making improvements, renting out a home, or hiring and paying workers that it took us a very short time to realize we needed help. There is no substitute on the island for experience in handling all of those tasks, and experience in property management is what Fran and Stella have. It is the job they do, and do very well. Customer satisfaction is of critical importance to them and it shows. At this point our time is limited on the Island so every day there is valuable. We still do a lot of small tasks while we are there because we want to. We know now if we choose not to, Fran and Stella will handle the tasks and projects for us. We can take as much or as little "vacation" time as we want for ourselves on island. Stella and Fran have made the whole absentee homeowner situation manageable. We don't worry about our investment. We don't worry about our guests. We know if there is something that needs our attention they will get in touch with us, but otherwise they handle it. Stella and Fran give us peace of mind, and enhance the enjoyment of owning a little piece of paradise. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Eric and Karla The Blue House, Flowers Bay email

We highly recommend Roatan Property Management for your vacation rental and property management needs. We have been renting vacation homes from Stella and Fran for over 3 years and have always had a wonderful experience. Their properties have always been immaculate with every detail attended to, making our vacations even more enjoyable. Fran and Stella will be managing our property in Lawson Rock. Their expertise has been invaluable in helping us complete our home. We will never need to worry about the ongoing care and maintenance of our Roatan home. They are truly the property management professionals!!

Craig and Noel Mattison Denver, Colorado

About three years ago Melissa and I, who had never purchased any property other than our home, took the plunge and bought a lot on Roatan. We then proceeded to build a house. However we are busy professionals in Seattle with two teenage children. We are not in a position now to spend more than a few weeks a year on the island. We started to ask around for folks who could take care of our property and also help find renters. The best recommendations on the island are word-of-mouth. It was amazing how many times we heard recommendations for the names "Fran and Stella". We then met with them and immediately liked them as individuals and as professional property managers. I was very impressed with their organizational skills and their knowledge of the island and how things work. We now have had our home for nearly 2 years. Fran and Stella have taken care of everything. I visited our home recently and it is in excellent shape thanks to their great stewardship. They also have made wonderful suggestions for landscaping. Fran and Stella are honest hard-working people who are very good at what they do. Now not only are they our superior property managers they also are our friends. I recommend them highly. Please feel free to e-mail me for additional information.

David Hennings

Hi Stella I would like to tell you how much we enjoyed our month at Parie House. We were pleasantly surprised to find all the comforts of home that you told us about were not only at the home, but were of very good quality & in excellent condition. Everything from the mattress, furniture, linens, kitchen ware, to the view off the front deck. Having such a variety of decks gave us a wonderful feeling of openness without feeling isolated. If we didn't eat at one of the 3 restaurants in West End that we enjoyed, we eat every meal on the front deck, breakfast, lunch & dinner. With the ease of getting to town by catching a passing Taxi at the gate, we found shopping for supplies convenient, interesting & inexpensive. Lobster tails not much more than a dollar each from the back of the street vendor's pick-up. Vegetables were inexpensive from a similar source & the rest of the staple from the grocery store. Having a caretaker on the premises gave us a feeling of comfort but we still had complete privacy. We were looking for amenities, comfort, privacy & a place to recharge our batteries. That home was Parie House. Thanks for your assistance on Roatan See you next year

Paul & Sherry

Good Morning Stella: I just wanted to send a quick note to tell you what a wonderful holiday my family and I had in Roatan. The whole week was one of learning, lazing, and consuming delicious food with the odd glass of wine thrown in! "Thank you" so much. Marty was very kind and provided lots of helpful info. for us. I do believe we will all see you again, until then, take care.


Dear Fran and Stella, Hope this letter finds you guys in good health, and please use the following as a reference for future renters: PARADISE FOUND: immaculate accommodations, well equipped kitchen, cozy living room, comfortable beds, wonderful deck, beach, and dock for watching sunsets, great snorkeling within walking distance, comfortable walk to town that has everything you need, and the peaceful sound of the ocean to lull you to sleep every night. ENJOY!!!

Michael William,

Hi there Fran, We made it home, safe and sound, and as I write this email, I am looking out over waves of concrete and glass that is Manhattan, still thinking of the gorgeous sand and sea of Tabyana Beach. Just wanted to say another really big thank you for the wonderful time we had, and for looking after us as you did. Hope to see you again soon. All the best to you and Stella,


Hi Fran, I just got back from Cancun yesterday and received the windbreakers. It was so nice of you to attend to our needs so quickly. I quickly glanced at some of the pictures that we took while at Casa Rosa and they are great. I will send you a copy of the review when we are ready to post it. Thanks again for everything and we will see each other again some day. thank you


Hi Fran, Just wanted to say thank you the house was very nice and the snorkeling out at the reef was great. Tell the owners of Tonic the dog that kept us company in the evenings that we miss her and thanks for letting her stay with us it was a great comfort. Would recommend your services to anyone. Thanks again

Bob, Gail, and Trevor

Hello Stella! We just wanted to tell you what a wonderful week we had at Calabash Sanctuary and how much we enjoyed visiting Roatan. Eric was so helpful and made our stay very comfortable. We appreciate your help with the arrangements and hope to return to Roatan, and Calabash Sanctuary, in the future. Thanks again!


Hi Fran, We really enjoyed our stay at sunset house. If you want to refer us as a reference feel free. We would recommend your properties to anyone. I would also like to know what your occupancy rates have been on sunset house, in case we need you to manage a beachfront property we build. Gratefully,

Dave and Terese

Good morning Stella, I just wanted to say that we had a wonderful time in Roatan and the house was just FABULOUS! Also, if anyone asks for a cook, or you think it's something you might want to offer your clients in the future, we would highly recommend Rubenia. She made us 3 wonderful meals, and cleaned up everything afterwards, the kitchen was sparkling (even the floor!) and it was a great experience! She did a great job and we were very thankful that you found her! I have already recommended Spooky channel Villa to a few friends who are looking to vacation in the near future, and we will definitely rent again when we come back! It was a pleasure dealing with you all, Sincerely,

Wendy Bolf

Hi Stella ~ Just wanted to say thanks again. It was nice working with you! We had an uneventful trip home. We arrived to 39 degrees and rain but it is warming up now. Spring is here. We all loved Roatan and had a great time. Would love to come back and visit some day...... Our best,

The McQuesten's & The Brown's

Hi Stella, We absolutely loved the house, Lara's Dream and your service was incredible.

Lynda & Howard Stilley Citrus Heights, CA.

Stella & Fran Marazzito moved to Roatan from upstate New York in 1999. They are an energetic, enthusiastic, dependable, and honest couple who fell in love with Roatan on their first visit in 1995. At that time, they selected a piece of property on which to build their "dreamhome".

That is when I met these people, and their openness and friendliness made them immediate and trusted friends. When I needed to leave Roatan for an extended period, they cared for my home and pets. I could not have asked for more from them. The continue to provide excellent service managing my home for me.

I'm proud to count them among my friends and was delighted when they decided to become full-time property managers, a desperately needed service on Roatan.

J.A. McMillin:

It was with great relief that we learned of the service of property management recently begun by Fran and Stella Marazzito. We have known them since their arrival on Roatan and they are an ideal team for taking care of properties such as ours. They make owning property on the island much less of a worry. They are high energy, meticulous in their work and a couple that we trust completely. They have helped us out many times when we needed something done that couldn't be handled from the States. We recommend them highly and would urge anyone with property on Roatan to use this service, something that has long been needed on the island.

Sincerely, Colin and Karen Glenn: 

I am very happy to recommend Fran & Stella as a good property management team. They manage my property in Roatan and I feel very comfortable with them, as  they do a superb job. I will gladly respond to your inquiries about them.

Julio C. Valdes:

Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras

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